Desire for Boldness

Desire for Boldness

There is this desire for boldness and maximalism and collaboration, but with this sense that whatever I spend, I need to feel real value for my money.”

People want high-quality ingredients, but they also want value — especially members of Generation Z, who are emerging as sensible and skeptical cooks and diners who want safe rewards wrapped in adventure.

Luxury will be found less in the cost or rarity of an ingredient but rather in the quality of a product that makes life easier, interesting and more fun.

“A lot of it is, ‘I just want this fantastic experience to take us away from what’s happening on the news,’” said Jennifer Zhou, who helps lead the flavor team at ADM.

But there has to be a value proposition, said Sally Wyatt, who analyzes shopping and consumption trends for the market research firm Circana. “There are absolutely levers people will be pulling next year in order to manage the wallet,” she said.