Hospital Food Service Company

Why Hospitals Select Bristol

Revolutionize hospital dining with our comprehensive food service solutions for hospitals. Quality, nutrition, and taste combined for a healthier patient experience. Bristol Culinary Services provides a diverse set of services, processes, and capabilities.

Hospitals are intended to be centers of healing, places where patients can come to obtain the expert care they need to recover from illness or injury, receive diagnostic testing, or bring a new life into the world.

We are always looking for varied and innovative ways to improve the process.

  • We quickly adapt to your evolving requirements, so you can be certain you’ll always have the resources you need to fulfill your service responsibilities.
  • With years of experience providing comprehensive services for a wide range of industries, we have the expertise to handle the unique facility service needs inherent with your situation, whether you’re staffing a hospital cafeteria or stocking the towels for housekeeping.
  • We do the necessary research to fully understand the scope of your requirements, then tailor a program to suit your specific needs and your budget.
  • Our staff of experienced professionals are committed to providing the best possible care in an environmentally responsible and professional way.
  • We place a high priority on maintaining a sanitary workplace that meets all health regulations. That includes proper food storage and preparation, waste disposal, daily cleaning, and routine equipment maintenance.
Hospital Food Service Company
Hospital Food Service Company

Food Handling

Bristols top priority is maintaining safe and hygienic kitchens, which is reflected in our deficiency-free surveys. We have a comprehensive understanding of food safety laws and regulations in every state where we operate to ensure compliance. Each team member receives training in food handling and safety before joining our staff. Bristol implements meticulous daily, weekly, and monthly processes in the kitchen to maintain compliance.

Technology Solutions

Bristol delivers essential information to support decision-making. Through Bristol, providers can access dashboards with critical data, such as patient weight, supplement usage, and other relevant information — a valuable asset for transitioning to value-based care models. Patients can conveniently order from their bedside, while staff and patients both benefit from online ordering.

Patient Outcomes

Our Registered Dietitians create personalized diets to improve patient health. Bristol understands the crucial role of good nutrition in addressing health conditions like heart health, diabetes, and wound care. Our recommendations meet patients' unique needs and preferences, promoting overall well-being. Bristol is here to help achieve the best health outcomes possible. Our surveys reflect thes outcomes.

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