Guiding Principles

Bristol Guiding Principles

Bristol's Core Process

Bristol has created a systematic approach to dining and housekeeping services that can be implemented within healthcare facilities with proven success. Our lean methodology is simple – provided a straightforward system that aims to deliver the highest quality in the most efficient way possible.

Areas positively impacted by having standardized models include:

RECRUITING: In Depth Recruiting Standards, grassroots organic recruiting.

TRAINING: Custom Orientation created for our Business Partners to assimilate Team Member Buy-in.

RETENTION: Team Members receive above average pay/benefits this allows Bristol to enforce our standards thereby providing higher productivity and superior results.

LEAN PROCESS: Successful time-tested operational processes Bristol has developed based on Six Sigma and other lean principles methodologies.

TECHNOLOGY: Workforce Management, Compliance, Safety, Quality Control, Procedures Automation.

COMMUNICATION: Monthly State of Account (SARS) meetings with focus on constant improvement.