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Culinary Full Service

By choosing a Full-Service partnership, Bristol Culinary Services takes on complete responsibility for all your food services. This includes onsite management personnel and all hourly employees. Our experienced team, consisting of a Food Service Director, Chef Manager, and Registered Dietitian, oversees a dedicated team of hourly kitchen staff, including diet aides, utility workers, servers, and cooks.

Bristol handles all associated costs, including wages, taxes, and benefits for our employees and strive to meet all pre-employment requirements and policies, such as background checks and physicals. Additionally, Bristol Culinary Services expertly manages the entire process of ordering and maintaining raw food ingredients while crafting menus that perfectly balance enjoyment and nutrition.

Bristol Culinary

Management & Procurement Only

For organizations seeking extra supervision while maintaining control over hourly food service personnel, the Management & Procurement Only contracts provide an optimal solution. This option is particularly beneficial for entities with a unionized workforce or those seeking to keep their loyal workers on their payroll.

Under Management & Procurement Only contracts, Bristol Culinary Services appoints on-site management personnel, such as a Food Service Director, Chef Manager, and Registered Dietitian. This skilled team is responsible for overseeing your kitchen operations and providing access to the same support system, technology, and tools available in a full-service contract. Importantly, hourly staff members will remain on your payroll. By utilizing our purchasing power and partners with Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), we guarantee procurement of top-quality raw materials and supplies at the lowest possible price.

Bristol Culinary

Management & Staffing Only

Opting for Management & Staffing Only contracts alleviates staffing responsibilities while maintaining your food procurement contract. This solution is ideal for communities seeking recruitment and staffing assistance while maintaining strong relationships with food distributors or receiving state reimbursements for food costs.

With Management & Staffing Only contracts, Bristol Culinary Services handles all aspects related to wages, taxes, and benefits for your food service team. We diligently adhere to any pre-employment requirements and policies you have in place, such as background checks and physicals, as these employees work within your community or hospital. Additionally, Bristol curates menus that integrate products available through your chosen food distributor, manages order placement, and efficiently oversees your inventory.

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