Embracing Technology

Technology Solutions & Investments

Technology Solutions & Investments

Bristol Culinary Management

Optimized Labor Scheduling

Our workforce technology software measures, controls, and enhances work schedules.

It is formulated to schedule and track productivity, benchmark to historical data, and measure individual efficiencies.

The software is customer focused while being user-friendly. The design allows us to interact with our team in real-time as they clock-in and clock-out.

  • Greater payroll quality
  • Less manual processing
  • Associate accountability
  • Less process variation
  • Greater labor capacity

Bristol Culinary Management

Proprietary Meal Ticket Software

Bristol Tray Track is customizable to support your range of dining venues and meal plans, with tools to optimize your budget, resident nutrition outcomes, mealtime satisfaction scores and more

  • Individual tray tickets
  • Patients / Residents get what they’re supposed to get!
  • Staff/Management tracks meal purchasing plans
  • Flexibility to use a base menu, favorites or holiday menus
  • Scalable recipes
  • Calorie, protein and fluid requirements
  • Patient / Resident census report
  • Selective Menus
  • Production Sheets
  • Snack Labels
  • Custom Recipes
Technology Solutions & Investments
Technology Solutions & Investments

Bristol Culinary Management

SaaS Inspection & Audit Tools

Bristol utilizes auditing technology to verify our dining and cleaning outcomes. Ongoing website hosting, maintenance and data/photo storage. All defined reports including dashboards, quality report, deficiency report, photo report, notes list and trend report to assist the following.

  • Facility Tour
  • Sanitation Audit
  • Resident Satisfaction Survey
  • Unit Inspection
  • Client Satisfaction Survey
  • Pre-Audit Survey
  • F-Tag Results
  • Blackboard Mandatory In-servicing